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Monday, December 14, 2009

Secrets of a Former Fat Girl by Lisa Delaney

ISBN: 978-0-452028924-6 Page count: 243


As a "former fat girl", Lisa Delaney takes you through the tips and tricks that helped her become a size 2. Tackling everything from exercise and diet to the mind games we play with ourselves this motivational book attempts to teach you how to drop the pounds for good.


I admit, this is not normally the type of book that I would buy, or even READ for that matter. However, as someone currently trying to lose weight, when I found this book at a used book store for only $2 I thought it might be worth a read.

Good Points:

There is actually some really good information in this book. For example, there are tips on activities you can do no matter how athletic you are, help with figuring out portion control, and lists of websites for further information. As a fat girl myself, there were actually several parts of the book that I could really relate to, and some of the stories she tells about herself and her life as a fat girl do sound familiar.

Bad Points:

With the above points in mind, there are also some absolutely STUPID suggestions in this book. For example, it suggests lying to your friends and family about your attempt at losing weight so that you don't feel "pressured" by them. While this may seem logical, for those of us with an eating problem, we need all the support we can get. And hiding behind lies isn't going to help us. We need to learn to deal with life as it comes.

Final Thoughts:

If you are the type of person who really gets a lot from self-help books then I'm sure you will really enjoy this book. Having said that, even if you are not really into self-help (like me) it is not a bad read - just take the advice with a grain of salt. Should you listen to everything this book tells you to do? NO! If you can read it and apply the parts that make sense in your life then it is worth the read. Take it or leave it really - I wasn't overly impressed with this book, but at the same time I wasn't overly disappointed either. Had I paid full price for this book, I may think a little differently, but I think I got my 2 bucks worth out of it.

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  1. The secret of loosing weight,can not be found in self help books or diets. Those are only temporary solutions and if you loose some of the weight it will come back.
    The secret is how badly you want to loose it, how strong comitment are you willing to make, consistancy, perseverance, lots of patience and more patience. It is very hard but duable
    In short are you willing to change your life style permanatly?
    I know it is possible, I am doing it with good results.
    I started this about 11 years ago at 75.